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Do you want to stay connected with your account without visiting your bank? The Bank AL Habib SMS Alerts Facility helps you stay updated on your financial activity every step of the way. We offer a wide range of alerts that help you monitor your finances and keep your account safe. The charges of the service are applicable as per prevailing Bank’s schedule of charges. Alerts on all Digital banking transactions will be communicated FREE of cost to all bank customers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual Account Holders
  • Joint Account Holders (where the Account is operated on “Either or Survivor” basis only)
  • Sole Proprietorship Account Holders
  • Entity Account Holders
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Types of Alerts

Cash Withdrawals
Cash Withdrawals / Deposits from BAHL branches
Cash Withdrawals
Funds Transfers
Cash Withdrawals
Cheque Clearing Inward / Outward (as well as returns)
Cash Withdrawals
ATM / Debit Card transactions
Cash Withdrawals
Internet / Mobile banking transactions
Cash Withdrawals
Account Opening
Cash Withdrawals
Account Dormancy / Dormant Account Activation
Cash Withdrawals
Cheque Book Issuance / Cancellation
Cash Withdrawals
Stop Payments
Free Alerts Charge-based Alerts
  • Branch Banking transactions (of amount over Rs. 25,000 only)
  • All digital banking alerts including:
    • ATM Cash Withdrawal
    • Other Debit / Credit Card transaction alerts
    • Netbanking / Mobile Banking transaction alerts
  • Cheque Book Issuance
  • Other State Bank mandated informational and security alerts, etc.
  • Branch Banking transactions including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, cheque clearing, cheque returns (of amount over Rs. 500)
  • Account Opening / Closure
  • Banker’s Cheque Readiness
  • Physical Account Statement Issuance
  • Cheque Book Activation / Cancellation
  • Zamanat Account alerts

Value Added (charge-based) subscribers are eligible to use AL Habib SMS Banking Service

Note: For details of SMS Alert Service on Entity Accounts, please visit your relationship branch.

Activation / Deactivation

  • To register for the service, please contact our 24/7 Call Center on 111-014-014
  • For a change in your Mobile Number, please submit the filled Record Updating Form available at your relationship Branch
  • If you have changed your Mobile Network, please update your details with the Bank by contacting our Call Center from your registered number
  • You may also deactivate the SMS Alert Service by contacting our Call Center from your registered number
  • You can also subscribe SMS alert service or change your mobile network through AL Habib SMS Banking, AL Habib Netbanking and AL Habib Mobile App.
  • Entity Account Holders will need to visit their relationship branch for changing recipient’s mobile number, mobile network or activation/deactivation of the service.


Stay connected with your account 24/7

Register for the service by contacting your relationship branch or our Helpline on 111-014-014.

Prevent misuse with timely alerts on account

As the SMS service alerts you whenever any activity takes place in your account, you can prevent misuse by taking timely action.

Keep track of your Transactions

With SMS alert facility always stay updated with your transaction history, at finger tips.