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The Bank is fully committed to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and fulfills this responsibility by engaging in a wide range of activities which include:

  • Corporate philanthropy amounting to Rs. 159.8 million by way of donations during the year for health, social and educational development and welfare of under-privileged people;

  • Energy conservation, environmental protection, and occupational safety and health by restricting unnecessary lighting, implementing tobacco control law and “No Smoking Zone”, and providing a safe and healthy work environment;

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption measures, requiring all staff members to comply with the Bank’s “Code of Conduct”;

  • Consumer protection measures, requiring disclosure of the schedule of charges and terms and conditions that apply to the Bank’s products and services;

  • Amicable staff relations, recognition of merit and performance, and on-going opportunities for learning and growth of staff, both on-the-job and through formal training programmes;

  • Employment through a transparent procedure, without discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, language, etc., including employment of special persons;

  • Expansion of the Bank’s branch network to rural areas, which helps in rural development;

  • Contribution to the national exchequer by the Bank by way of direct taxes of about Rs. 6.62 billion paid to the Government of Pakistan during the year; furthermore, an additional amount of over Rs. 12.71 billion was deducted/collected by the Bank on account of withholding taxes, federal excise duties and sales tax on services, and paid to the Government of Pakistan/Provincial Governments.