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Stock Market At Your Doorstep

Gateway to Equity Market (GEM) is now available for Islamic Banking Customers. The Product facilitates account holders to invest in listed companies of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX-KMI All Shares), through an end to end automated and integrated system to invest in shares, settlement of trades, and custodial services.

Registration Through Branches

Key Features
  • Facility available to all Bank AL Habib Islamic Banking customers.
  • One window operation (Facilitating Investment in Shares, Settlement of Trades and Custodial Services).
  • User friendly, fully automated and integrated system.
  • Profit on Idle funds in GEM Linked Account (opened alongside modaraba accounts).
  • Convenient Top up / Withdrawal of Funds and Balance Inquiry (Shares and Funds) through Web Portal and Contact Centre (IVR).
  • Safe and secure custodial services.
  • No minimum balance requirement for opening of GEM Linked Account.
  • GEM Linked Account transactional alert through SMS and email.

Accounts/Products Eligible for GEM Facility

Saving Accounts

AL Habib Savings Account
Islamic Senior Citizen Account
AL Habib Mahana Amdani
Tijarat Account
Apna Individual Account

Current Accounts

AL Habib Current Account


  • GEM Account Opening Forms (Mandatory)
    • GEM Islamic Linked Account Opening Form Resident Customer
    • GEM Islamic Corporate Linked Account Opening Form
    • GEM CDC Sub Account Opening Form
    • GEM CDC Sub Account Opening Form Corporate
    • Broker Trading Account Opening Form
    • Broker Corporate Account Opening Form
    • Securities Deposit Form
    • Securities Deposit Continuation Sheet(Optional)
    • Securities Pledge Form
    • Securities Withdrawal Form
    • User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Gateway to Equity Market "GEM"?

    GEM facilitates customers for investment in Equity Market (shares / securities) through designated and registered TREC holders’ / Brokerage houses of Pakistan Stock Exchange, settlement of trades and custodial services.

  • Any customer / potential prospects across the Globe maintaining singly operated base account at any of the Bank AL Habib Limited Islamic Branches, can open GEM Account.

    List of Account / Product is as follows:

    • AL Habib Savings Account
    • Islamic Senior Citizen Account
    • Tijarat Account
    • Apna Individual Account
    • AL Habib Current Account
    • AL Habib Mahana Amdani
  • Three types of Account Opening Forms required to be filled by customer.

    a) GEM Linked Account Opening Form:
    • The non-checking linked account opened alongside customer’s base account.
    • Customer can Top up / Withdraw funds to and from GEM Linked Account to Base Account through GEM Portal.
    • Login ID and Password are sent to the customer through automated system at the registered email address, same can also be operated through IVR via Call center (TPIN provided through email) and Mobile App.
    b) BAHL CDC Sub Account:

    After completing this form, BAHL will open customer’s CDC Sub Account with Bank AL Habib Limited, thus providing safe and secure custodial services.

    All traded shares / securities will be kept in CDC Sub account of customer under Bank AL Habib Limited Participant.

    c) Brokerage House Trading Account Opening Forms:
    • After completing this form, customer’s trading account will be opened by Brokerage House.
    • Broker will send Login ID and Password to customer on registered email address through which customer can execute online Purchase and sell transactions.
    • Customer will get Research Reports from Brokerage House after registration
    • Customer can also call Brokerage House on given numbers 021-32270125-26 and place order (buy / sell transaction) after necessary verification, and may seek guidance from the sales team at the Brokerage House.
  • There is no minimum balance requirement. However, there is only onetime account opening charge.

  • Those funds which are unutilized and are available in customer’s GEM linked account will be facilitated with profit rate, if opened alongside Modaraba account.

  • Customer can directly call our call center 111-014-014 and after moving through the language interface dial 7 for GEM Module and GEM Call Center Agent.