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We are now offering Roshan ApniCar (Auto Finance) facility to individuals having a Roshan Digital Account at Bank AL Habib Limited to purchase a vehicle for their spouse / parents / children residing in Pakistan.

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Product Eligibility Criteria :

  • Financing facility under Shariah compliant mode for brand new locally assembled vehicles.
  • Non-Resident Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holder at Bank AL Habib Limited (BAHL) with Resident Pakistani Spouse / parents / children as co-borrower or Resident Pakistani having RDA at BAHL.
  • Having minimum working experience as follows:
    • Regular Salaried individuals with minimum 2 years experience of current employer.
    • Contractual Salaried individual with minimum 3 years experience.
    • Self-Employed Professionals (SEP) and Business Individuals with minimum 3 years experience in similar profession / professional setup.
  • Having minimum net monthly Income of:
    • Employed / Working in Gulf Countries: Equivalent to DHS 10,000/-
    • Employed / Working in Non Gulf Countries: Equivalent to USD 3,000/-
  • Minimum Customer participation 15-45% depending upon the variant of vehicle.
  • Holder of Permanent Resident Card / Nationality for Non-Gulf Countries, and Residency / Resident Card for Gulf Countries.
  • Having clear credit history.
  • Vehicle to be registered in the name of borrower or spouse / parent / child as co-borrower.
  • Facility to be disbursed and monthly installments to be paid from Roshan Digital PKR Account.
  • For lien based facility, 100% lien marking on financing amount on PKR deposit, 120% on foreign currency deposit.
  • Processing fee, documentation etc to be charged as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges.
  • Minimum age at the time of application: 25 years.
  • Maximum age at maturity of financing: 60 years for salaried, 65 years for SEP.

For lien based facility, minimum experience, minimum Down Payment, minimum income requirement and restrictions of stated jurisdictions shall not be applicable.

Product pricing:

RateLien ProductNon-Lien Product
Variable RatesSBP Floor+1.0%KIBOR+1.0%
Fixed Rates - 2 Years: 8.25%
- 3 Years: 8.50%
- 4 Years: 9.00%
- 5 Years: 9.25%
- 6 Years: 9.35%
- 7 Years: 9.50%
- 2 Years: 10.25%
- 3 Years: 10.75%
- 4 Years: 11.00%
- 5 Years: 11.25%
- 6 Years: 11.35%
- 7 Years: 11.50%



Without Tracker With Tracker Value Added Services (apart from comprehensive coverage-bumper to bumper)
EFU 1.40%1.99%
1.50%1.99% Accidental death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 Million
Jubilee 1.75%1.99%
2.25%2.50% 1) Full outstanding finance amount to be paid in the event of accidental death of Roshan Digital Account Holder.
2) Free Medical expense cover upto PKR 1 Million, in case of hospitalization of RDA holder for 30 days during stay in Pakistan.
UBL Insurer 1.40%1.89%
2.90%3.50%Accidental death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 Million
Adamjee 1.50%1.99%
2.90%3.50%1) Accidental death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 Million
2) Health Takaful plan up to 20.00% of vehicle or PKR 500,000 whichever is less
3) Online Medical consultancy
4) Travel Takaful Plan up to USD 50,000
Habib 1.38%1.85%1) Accidental Death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 Million
2) Payment of full outstanding auto finance amount in case of RDA holder’s death
3) Travel Takaful Plan up to USD 50,000
4) Tracker Facility from A rated Company
5) Speedy Claim Approvals because designated surveyors has been deputed
Century1.75%2.25%Accidental Death Coverage of principal amount or maximum up to PKR 2.5 Million

Delivery time - by manufacturers ( Approx period)

Manufacturer Variants Tentative Delivery TimeOffer by Manufacturer
Honda AtlasCity2 to 3 monthsPriority delivery up to half from the acutal tentative delivery time
Civic3 to 4 months
BRV2 months
Kia Sportage 3 monthsPriority delivery up to half from the acutal tentative delivery time
Picanto 3 months
Carnival2 months
Sorento4 months
Indus MotorsYaris 2 to 3 monthsPriority delivery can be managed(booking month + 2)
Corolla 1.6 & 1.86 to 7 months
Fortuner6 to 7 months
REVO6 to 7 months
Grande6 to 7 months
Pak SuzukiAlto 2 monthsPriority delivery up to half from the acutal tentative delivery time
Cultus4 months
Wagon-R2 months
Bolan2 months
Ravi2 months
Swift3 months
HyundaiTucson6 to 7 monthsBooking month + 3


For Non-Resident RDA holder, Resident Pakistani shall be added as co-applicant for vehicle registration and legal documentation purpose.

Required Documents

  • What documents are required for the Roshan Apni Car facility with application form ?
    • Valid copy of CNIC / SNIC / NICOP / POC, Passport, Visa, and residency card / work permit.
    • o Recent photographs of applicant and co-applicant.
    • CNIC copies of two references
    • Credit report from country of stay (wherever possible).
    • Detail of securities / certificates for lien based facility.
    • Income related Documents.
    • For Salaried Individuals:
      • Latest 3 months salary slips.
      • Latest employment certificate with the date of joining.
      • Last six month bank statement with contact detail (email address) of bank/branch for verification; where salary is being credited.
      • Contact detail (email address) of HR representative for verification of applicant’s credentials.
      For Self Employed Professionals / Business Individuals:
      • Valid proof of professional setup / license / registration certificate.
      • Last six month bank statement with contact detail (email address) of bank/branch for verification.
      • Contact detail (email address) of business association / licensor for verification.

    For lien based facility, credit report from country of stay, and income related documents shall not be mandatory.