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PRC ( Proceed Realisation Certificate ) is the authentication/verification from the processing bank that remittance has been received and processed from an overseas arrangement.

In light of the Government of Pakistan's vision for Digital Pakistan, Bank AL Habib has initiated an automated portal for ePRC ( Electronic Proceed Realisation Certificate ) issuance and verification.

Bank AL Habib Customers can now immediately receive a PRC certificate digitally once remittance has been credited into their account.

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Receive ePRC for single remittance

Download, view or print your PRC for remit received in your account or request the bank to email it to you on your registered email address.

View ePRC

Receive sPRC for multiple remittances

Request your sPRC, (Statement of Proceed Realisation Certificate) through this option for a particular time period of a financial year.

View sPRC

Government agencies can now verify PRCs in a single click

Real-time verification of ePRCS issued by Bank AL Habib to its customers for their home remittances.


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