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Financial Literacy Program


Financial inclusion is having access to formal financial services such as quality payments, savings, credit, insurance and more that help meet the financial needs of individuals and firms. Benefits of Financial Inclusion:

  • Helps in Reducing Poverty
  • Increases Economic Growth
  • Promotes Stability

National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP)

It is a project of the State Bank of Pakistan, whereby various commercial banks are assigned to equip masses with financial literacy and money management techniques like budgeting, savings, investments, Islamic banking etc.

Through the NFLP program Bank AL Habib aims to spread Financial literacy and understanding of financial concepts, banking/financial products, and services, develop skills and attitudes towards budgeting, savings, investment, debt management, financial negotiation, rights and obligations, etc. and to facilitate behavioral changes and practices to improve financial outcomes; including financial well-being through increased savings, improved debt management, perceived financial stress or satisfaction.

How Bank AL Habib Increases Financial Access

Bank AL Habib is a financial institution that provides people access to Financial Awareness and Inclusion that enable them to better their lives. Bank AL Habib is helping with economic growth, development and playing a due role in driving away poverty from the country. Financial services are being provided to a large population, including both rich and underprivileged individuals, at reasonable terms and circumstances. In terms of economic development and social progress, Bank AL Habib places a high focus on financial inclusion and has been actively working on it.