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E-ticketing made easy with now on AL Habib Mobile and Netbanking!

Bank AL Habib partners with to make E-ticketing easier for its customers.

From airline tickets to hotel rooms, events, bus tickets, and movies – you can book any of these through the AL Habib Digital App or AL Habib Netbanking service. The need to stand in never-ending queues or chase travel agents is now not for you. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Select a flight from the desired airline
  • Select travel details e.g., routes, departure date, arrival date, etc
  • Complete details of the hotel including the facilities offered are available
  • Authentic and reliable hotel reviews available for customers to make informed decisions
  • Book/ select hotels according to their needs
  • Select a bus service of your own choice from a list of buses available
  • Select travel details i.e., Departure and destination locations, seats, etc. for a particular date/ time of bus trip
  • Book tickets from a variety of different categories of shows including Air shows, Fashion shows, Adventure shows, Concerts, Food festivals, Fashion shows, Cricket matches, etc
  • Select Theater
  • Review seat plan
  • Book tickets of a desired show of preferred date and time along with seat

*The movie and event E-Ticketing is not for AL Habib Islamic Banking Account Holders. Tutorial

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