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Digitally acquire a Proceed Realisation Ceritifcation (PRC) for foreign transactions

Bank AL Habib Customers can now immediately receive a PRC certificate digitally once remittance has been credited into their account. The PRC (Proceed Realisation Certificate) is the authentication/verification from the processing bank that remittance has been received and processed from an overseas arrangement.

With the ePRC option you can receive a PRC certificate for a single remit by either downloading, viewing or printing your PRC for remit received in your account or request the bank to email it to you on your registered email address. With the sPRC option, you can download or print a statement of certificates of multiple remit transactions through email for a particular time period of a financial year.

In addition to this, Government agencies can now use the “verify” option to verify ePRCs that have issued by Bank AL Habib to its customers for their home remittances.

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