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Bank AL Habib Relief Aid Appeal for Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Victims

Bank AL Habib is calling out for donations to support the Turkish and Syrian victims and help them cope with the destruction caused by the devastating earthquake.

Whether you are in Pakistan or abroad, you can easily transfer funds to our account and play your part. In this difficult time, every penny counts, and little acts will go a long way.

For donating/contributing to the Fund you may use the following options:

Domestic Donors:

  • Cash Deposits at Banks’ Counters
  • Deposit of Crossed Cheques in the Name of the Fund in the Bank’s Drop Boxes
  • Alternate Delivery Channels eg. RAAST, ATM. Mobile Banking

Overseas Donors:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Transfer through Money Service Bureaus, Money Transfer Operators and Exchange Houses
Account Number: 1001-0081-192716-01-1
IBAN: PK97BAHL1001008119271601
Swift Code: BAHLPKKA

Donate generously. Turkey and Syria needs us.

For more information, please call us at our 24/7 Call Center: (+92 21) 111-014-014.