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AL Habib Islamic Banking offers safe Locker services at their selected branches. The locker services are available to our customers, based on Ujrah (rental) basis. Lockers are available in various sizes and covered under Takaful (Islamic Insurance).

Key Features & Benefits

  • The Bank will rent out the lockers only to its customers who maintain relationship at any branch of Bank AL Habib Limited in Pakistan.
  • The customer will continue to maintain his account till the time he is renting the locker.
  • The Locker holder shall have access to the locker at any time during the Bank’s business hours, which are notified in the branch premises.
  • Lockers may be leased in two or more names (maximum 4) (conditions apply).
  • Insurance/Takaful coverage provided by the Bank as per the following size of Lockers:
Products Insurance/Takaful Coverage
Large Rs. 3,000,000/-
Small Rs. 1,000,000/-
Medium Rs.2,000,000/-
Lockers Rental Detail Charges
Annual rent (annual locker rent from existing and new customers to be recovered in advance at the commencement of the period) Rs. 5,000/- for small
Rs. 6,250/-for medium
Rs. 7,500/- for large
Locker Breaking Charges Rs.5000/-
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