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Bank Accounts

AL Habib Islamic Business Banking offers a range of Bank Accounts to meet your personal needs. Compare and choose the account that suits your needs with the peace of mind that your money is handled in a Shariah compliant way.

Debit Cards

Islamic Current Account

AL Habib Islamic Current Accounts give you control on your banking transactions. Stay assured that your money is handled in a Shariah-compliant manner and you enjoy all the benefits of an Islamic Current Account.

Islamic Saving Account

Now earn Shariah compliant profit with peace of mind with our Shariah compliant AL Habib Islamic Savings Account, get a profit with peace of mind and save for the future.

Debit Cards
Debit Cards

Islamic Term Deposits

If you have financial ability to tuck away your money for a certain period of time you can place your deposit in a fixed tenure, for example for six months. The AL Habib Islamic Term Deposits earns Shariah compliant returns in flexible deposit periods, tailor-made to meet your short-term and long-term financial needs.

Financing Facilities

Bank AL Habib offers an array of financing facilities to its customers. Ranging from Musawama and Running Musharkah, to Diminishing Musharkah, we are equipped to handle your finance requirements in a Shariah compliant manner.

Debit Cards
Debit Cards

Trade Finance Facilities

We provide technical assistance to our customers for all type of trade businesses. Based on various modes of Islamic Finance, the facilities have been provided to suit their trade needs of customers. We provide solutions of all trade needs.

Islamic SME Banking

Bank AL Habib Islamic Banking Division offers diverse Shari’ah compliant solutions with flexibility of choice to cater the financing need of SMEs in a safe, simple and pleasant way.

Ways To Bank

Whatever your preference, Bank AL Habib offers convenient ways to help you the way you want